My 100 days challenge – Challenge poster


NB: All prices include a black frame that fits the selected size of poster and a black marker with en eraser build in it.

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My 100 days challenge – poster

Main purpose: To create a 100 day challenge for yourself without breaking the chain
Series: Challenge

Our challenge poster helps you getting closer to your goal!

Our ‘My 100 days challenge’ poster are made for you, who wants to challenge yourself for 100 day, without breaking the chain. Can you do it? The poster is designed, so you can write any challenge you want and refresh when your 100 days challenge are over. You can write challenges for a workout, diet, selfcare, or just to do something for other people – the challenges are infinite. Set a cross over the day, so you can se your results.

The “My 100 days challenge” poster, comes with a black frame, made of a pine wood core that has a black foil coating around it, and with a high quality plexiglass, that is scratch resistant and optimized to avoid bulging.
Furthermore, the poster and frame comes with a tusch, and a small clip for the tusch with an adhesive part that allows the tusch to be placed on the frame when not using it, where ever you’d like it to.

All of our posters is printet on 180g high quality matte paper. The main reason for choosing a matte paper type, is to keep the sharp vector graphics just as sharp as on screen, when the poster is printet. The matte paper, which has been treated with a special matte coating on the surface, prevents the ink from blending when hitting the papers surface, but keeps the sharp lines in the design.

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30×42 CM, 50×70 CM, 70×100 CM





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